At what age can my child start social networking?

As a parent, it’s important you know that all social media platforms and messaging apps have age limits.

Some social networks use technologies that may not be right for some ages or engage with communities made up of people much older than your child.

Image of three kids and the age limit of social apps

What are the risks of underage use?

Inappropriate content

Users on social media can come across inappropriate content, including cyberbullying, violence and sexual content. If your child is underage, they might not have the critical thinking skills to navigate this kind of content safely.

Security risks

Children often overshare personal information without realising it. Social media gives them a platform to do this more widely. This can leave them vulnerable to data breaches as well as online predators. If your child is underage, they not yet have the skills to identify potential harm.

Wellbeing and body image

Underage social media use can influence children's body image and wellbeing. Social influencers often curate content to only show their best 'sides', but children might not yet have the critical thinking necessary to tell fact from fiction.

Minimum age on top social media platforms

This guide to the most common social networks your child might be on serves as a guide. Each link will take you to the age reference page of the social networking platform.

16 year olds and upwards

Not suitable for under 18 year olds