Children’s tech guide 2024

Explore our expert-approved guide to children’s tech

From tablets for learning to the latest smartphone, there is plenty of children’s tech to choose from. Use this guide to help put online safety first and make the best choices for your family.

A child uses different tech devices on the floor.

About our guide to buying tech

The internet has changed the way we shop, especially for the children in our lives. But, if you’re looking to pick up a device for your child, it can be tricky to know where to start.

From Nintendo Switches to Spheros, we’ve broken down how each product works and how to set them up with online safety in mind. With expert advice and parental feedback, you can choose the right product, safely.

Select from laptops, smartwatches, phones and gadgets; simply pick the category you’re interested in purchasing.

In each guide, you’ll find expert-led reviews and parent-approved feedback with online safety in mind. Pick the product that’s right for you and your child and discover the steps you can take to ensure they’re only accessing what’s age-appropriate and safe. 

Get kids' devices set up safely

Answer questions about their new device to get personalised safety advice.


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