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Find the latest advice to understand the world of online gaming and encourage young people to game safely and responsibly online.

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Why do children enjoy online gaming? Young gamer shares her reasons why she enjoys playing multi-player games like Fortnite.

Are you new to online gaming?

See our online gaming basics to get to grips with the basics of online gaming. You’ll get advice on what is, what children are actually doing while they are gaming and much more.

  • Tips on how to choose the best games for children
    2 minute read
  • Frequently asked questions about gaming
    1 minute read
  • What the research tells us about gaming
    2 minute read
Watch the playlist: Mums Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn on what every parent needs to know about gaming safely
Press Start for PlayStation Safety

PlayStation Online Safety Quiz with Sony

Play this interactive quiz with your child to see what they know about PlayStation safety and find out once and for all which of you is the Online Safety Champion!


Concerned about the risks of online gaming?

Gaming has become the new digital playground for a lot of children and young people, so, socialising through gaming is now the norm. This offers some great benefits but also potential risks that children need to be aware of.  See our online gaming risks guide to learn more.

  • What to do if gaming gets out of hand
    5 minute read
  • Tips to keep online gaming healthy
    2 minute read
  • How to set controls on games and consoles
    5 minute read
  • Understanding game age ratings
    2 minute read
  • Digital family agreement template
    2 minute read

Need advice on specific games kids are playing?

See the following articles to get tailored advice on all you need to know about the most popular games and platforms that children use.

Advice created with support from Games Expert Andy Robertson

Did you know gaming can grow children’s skills?

While there are plenty of watch-outs about online gaming, it can also offer a lot of benefits like improving early reading skills, developing problem-solving skills and helping to nurture relationships. See our Online gaming benefits guide for more support.

Get tailored advice from our partners


Together with Supercell, one of the worlds leading mobile gaming developers, we’ve pulled together practical tips and tools to help parents support children as they navigate the world of online gaming.

Electronic Arts 

As part of our joint campaign Play Together / Play Smart together with Electronic Arts we created advice to  help families get to grips with responsible video gaming.

  • Just Jack – a positive experience in the digital world
    2 minute read
  • Mum of SEND teen shares the positive impact of tech on her child
    2 minute read

Is your child vulnerable?

From our research we know that children with SEND and those who have certain lifestyles are more at risk online. Therefore, we’ve create guides to help you understand what extra support they need to help them thrive online.

  • Support care experience children stay safe while gaming
    7 minutes read
  • Supporting SEND children stay safe while gaming
    2 minute read
  • Supporting LGBTQ children stay safe while gaming
    2 minute read

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