#Screensafe in summer

Hot tips for safe summer surfing

In the summer we all think about keeping kids protected when they’re out in the sun. But do we also think about how to keep them safe online? Here are four tips to help kids get the best out of the internet while staying safe.

Online challenges every parent should watch out for this summer

With the rise of dangerous online challenges encouraging children to self-harm it’s important to stay engaged with what they may be exposed to and have regular conversations about what they do online.

We’ve pulled together the top 6 online challenges that parents need to be aware of and advice on how to prevent your child from putting themselves in harms way through peer pressure.

Child-friendly apps for kids

A list of age-appropriate apps that’ll help your child get the best out of the internet

Talk about e-safety with tablet app

Do you have an 8 – 10 year old? If so, download our Internet Matters e-safety app designed to help parents talk about online safety issues with their children, and encourage them to make smart choices online.


15 great apps to keep your kids amused in the school holidays

Find a great selection of age specific interactive apps for kids, whether you are going away or staying at home to expore together.

Expert advice on screen time, summer selfies, Pokémon Go and more

Get advice from a great panel of experts on the most pressing issues online safety issues that kids may face during summer break.

Key internet safety issues

Get tips on how to talk to your children about a range of online issues: