Apple iPad

Controls & Settings guide

You can enable restrictions to stop your children from using specific features and applications on an iPhone, including blocking access to iTunes, restrict explicit content and in-app purchasing. You can also limit access to the camera and sharing of photos.

What do I need?

An iPhone handset and account

Restrictions you can apply

icon Apps Access
icon Browser Access
icon In App purchasing
icon Innapropriate content
icon Media streaming
icon Online games
icon Sharing Data
icon Sharing location
icon Social networking

Step by Step instructions


Open the settings application on the tablet and under the “General” section find and tap on “Restrictions”


Tap on “Enable Restrictions”.


Enter a 4 digit passcode that you will use to toggle on and off the restrictions.


You are now able to toggle off any applications and features that you wish to have disabled on your child’s tablet.


Scroll down on the “Restrictions” page to see a full list of the features you can set restrictions on. You can turn off functions such as the Camera, Facetime, set age restrictions on content that can be viewed or apps installed plus turn off the ability to access photos for already installed apps.


Once you have selected which apps and features to disable, tap “General” to back out of the “Restrictions” section. Your selections are saved and you will be prompted to input the passcode you set up each time you return to the “Restrictions” section to make changes.