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PlayStation 4 (PS4)

The PS4 parental controls allow you to restrict games and apps that have mature content. You can disable the internet browser, customise content displayed in the Store and restrict how your child chats and interact on the PlayStation Network.

What do I need?

Access to the PlayStation 4 console, and a PlayStation Network (Master) account in your name that you will use to create a sub-account for your child.

Restrictions you can apply

Inappropriate content

Browser access


Game ratings



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Step by Step Instructions


Log into the system using you PlayStation Network account and from the Main Menu press up on the d-pad and then right until you have highlighted the “Settings” icon. Press the X button to open “Settings”.


Within the “Settings” menu scroll down and select “Parental Controls/Family Management”.


Select “PS4 System Restrictions”. If prompted for a PIN the system default PIN is “0000”.


Within “PS4” System Restrictions” change the System Restriction Passcode and block the “New User Creation…”, this will stop anyone from creating new users on the console that will not have Parental Restrictions. “Default Parental Controls” will create restrictions on the entire console, if you want restrictions only for your child go to step 5.


Highlight “Family Management” and press the X button. Then Sign in using your PlayStation Network account. This account is your parent account and we will be creating an account for your child that is linked to your account allowing you to monitor and set restrictions for them.


Select “Set Up Now”. If you have not verified the email address with your account you will need to do this now. Select “Already Verified” and then “Continue”.


Select “Create User”. Now enter the details of your child and select “Next”. Finally, select “Accept”.


You will now be on the “Parental Controls” screen where you can select the maximum age rating of games/DVD’s/Blu-Rays that your child can access, as well as restrictions on PlayStation VR, and use of the Internet Browser. Select “Confirm”.


If you would like to allow your child to join the PlayStation network select “Allow” (The PlayStation Network is needed to play online games as well as download demos and buy new games from the PlayStation Store).


You can now place restrictions on your child’s use of the PlayStation Network (There is a separate guide addressing parental controls for the PlayStation Network). Select the restrictions you would like to apply and then select “Confirm”, “OK”, and then on the next screen “Accept”.


You have now created your child’s sub-account and they will be linked to your account as a family member. You can alter the restrictions placed on your child’s account at any time via your account.

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