Controls & Settings guide

Amazon Fire Tablet

You can enable restrictions to stop your children from using specific features and applications on the Amazon Fire HD, including the ability to prevent purchases from content stores, access to age-restricted videos and movies and access to the camera.

What do I need?

An Amazon Account (email address and password).

Restrictions you can apply

Apps access

In-App purchasing

Inappropriate content

Step by Step Instructions


Swipe down from the top of the screen and then tap Settings. Tap Parental Controls.


Tap On next to Parental Controls.


With Parental Controls turned on, enter a password, confirm your password and then tap Submit.


Creating and setting up an Amazon Household Account

Log into your Amazon account.


Under ‘Accounts and Lists’ click ‘Your Account’


Under ‘Shopping programmes and rentals’ click ‘Amazon Household’


Click ‘Add a child’


Enter the details of your child.


Click on ‘Manage Your Content and Devices’ to control what purchased content your child can access and on what device.


Add a pin/disable voice purchasing to prevent unauthorised purchases

Open the Alexa App or on your smartphone and tap the menu icon.


Tap settings and scroll down until you find ‘Voice Purchasing’


Add a 4-digit pin and tap save to set up the pin. Alternatively, you can disable voice purchasing altogether by changing the setting on this page.

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