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The media and entertainment industry has seen a huge transformation as it becomes digitised, with most entertainment content such as films, TV programmes, and games now being accessed over the internet. This means children are able to watch content wherever and whenever they’re online.

of boys aged 13-16 play games with other people on the internet ¹

of girls aged 9-12 have watched video clips online ¹

of children aged 11-16 who use the Internet watch video clips daily ¹

It’s important to keep ahead of what risks inappropriate content might pose for your child so you can chat to them about the issues and take the correct preventative measures.

But it’s also important to think about setting the right parental controls in the places where your child is accessing online content, as it will help prevent them stumbling upon something they shouldn’t.

Here are the relevant links to step-by-step parental controls instructions for the major entertainment services & search engines.

Parental control setup guides for search engines:

Parental control information for online content:

Parental control setup guides for online gaming consoles:

Build your own parental controls guide

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