Setting up gaming consoles this festive season

Get consoles and video gaming platforms set up safely before gifting with simple how-to guides and expert advice.

‘Twas the night before Xmas’- Watch Katherine Ryan’s parental control remix. Yes, you read that right.

Gifting a console this festive season?

Did you know they all come with free parental controls that help you to limit things like the time children spend playing, who they interact with and what additional purchases they can make?

How to set controls on video games and consoles

If you are planning to buy a games console for your family this festive season, taking the time to set some simple controls on the device before placing it under the tree is essential.

All consoles have various free pre-installed controls and we have step-by-step guides on how to set them up to help your child play safely and responsibly. It’s really easy to do. Find a list of all our gaming consoles and platform how-to guides to get started.

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Most popular guides

  • Playstation 5 parental controls how-to guide
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  • Nintendo Switch parental controls how-to guide
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  • Xbox family settings app
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  • Digital family agreement template to manage expectations of device use
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  • Understanding game age ratings
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Need advice on buying new consoles?

Get insight on what consoles are available, what you need to consider before buying a games console and how to make the decision on what is right for your family.

Games consoles for children – buying tips for parents

Combine use of controls with regular conversations and get involved

Although setting parental controls and safety settings can create a safety net for children to play online, it’s equally important to stay engaged with what children are doing and equip them with coping strategies to deal with potential risks, as well as ways in which to create a positive play experience for you and your children. Here are a few resources to follow-up with a conversation once you’ve set up their device.

  • Digital conversation starters - get support on how to talk to children about what they do online with 4 top expert tips.
    2 minute read
  • Why we are encouraging the set up of parental controls this festive season
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  • Mum gamer shares online gaming benefits and potential challenges
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Is your child playing FIFA?

See how FIFA Playtime can help you and your child learn about setting limits on how you play.

Learn about the issues

Get insight on issues they may face online and the best ways to help them make smarter choices online to stay safe. You’ll also find tailored advice to support children and young people with SEND and those with care experience.

  • Get advice on a range of online issues to help children thrive online
    5 minute read
  • Help children manage their emotions when gaming affects their mood
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  • Support care experience children stay safe while gaming
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  • Supporting SEND children stay safe while gaming
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