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Protecting children from radicalisation and extremism

There’s a chance that your child may meet people online or visit websites that could lead them to adopting what you consider to be extreme views, and becoming radicalised.

Curiosity could lead your child to seek out these people, or they could befriend your child in order to encourage them to adopt beliefs or persuade them to join groups whose views and actions you as a parent would consider extreme.

Whether you’d like to protect your child from being radicalised or you are concerned that may be at risk, navigate our advice hub to get expert tips on practical ways you can support them and where you can go for further support.

Watch parent’s story about her son

Christine Boudreau bravely shares her story about her son who was killed while fighting for ISIS
Resources document

Educate Against Hate offer a top tips guide to help parents discuss radicalisation and extremism with young people.

Anonymously report illegal or harmful information, pictures or videos.

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Understand the risks that children may face online to offer the right support

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Protect your child

See advice to give children the right tools to challenge extremism online and build their digital resilience

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Deal with it

Learn strategies of how to address radicalisation and where to seek help if you are concerned

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See a list of organisations that can support you and your child

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Visit interactive website supporting parents, young people, and children with SEN with understanding radicalisation and extremism

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Visit Let’s Talk About It – an initiative designed to provide practical help and guidance about terrorism and radicalisation

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