Socialising online safely

Find tips and tools to help your child stay connected with family and friends safely and share responsibly online.

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What is Y99 chat? What parents need to know
Learn what Y99 is and whether it's safe for children to use.
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Discord App safety settings guide
Learn how to manage your child's online safety on the Discord app by enabling or disabling security, privacy and data ...
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What is X? What parents need to know about safety and changes to Twitter
To keep users safe, Twitter has developed a variety of parental control and privacy settings. Learn what they are and ...
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What is the Mastodon social media platform?
Mastodon is a decentralised social network that has recently surged in popularity. Learn about the platform to make the right ...
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What is Tumblr? — What parents need to know
Tumblr gives users the ability to create blogs and share them with followers and friends.
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What is Reddit? — What parents need to know
The social news website requires users to be 13 or older but is Reddit safe? Learn what teens can find ...
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What is Pinterest? — What parents need to know
While Pinterest isn't the top app among young people, some teenagers do still engage with it. A 2022 report found ...
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What is the sendit app?
The sendit app has risen in popularity among young people, but just like other anonymous apps, it can put children ...
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Snapchat safety: What parents need to know
Learn more about the platform, how it works, the data it collects and more to help keeps teens safe on ...