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See a range of articles, resources and tools to learn more about the issues of screen time and get practical tips to help your child manage this online issue.

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Top tips to manage children’s screen time
In a bid to help parents and children get best out of the time they spend online, we’ve devised five ...
Screen time tips to support 0-5 year olds
A balanced use of screen can offer children key benefits to help them to learn, explore and interact with the ...
Balancing Screen time and a digital diet
Find simple tips to help children develop healthy online habits and a good digital diet to help them thrive on ...
Screen time tips to support 5-7 year olds
As screens become a bigger part of young children’s lives at home and at school, it’s important to put balance ...
CSEP/SCEP Movement Guidelines – Screen time
Created by CSEP/SCEP the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for children and Youth.
Screen time tips to support 7-11 year olds
Typically at this age children will start to be more active online so it’s important to equip them with the ...
Screen time tips to support 11-14 year olds
As children start senior or secondary school and take advantage of their independence, it’s likely that they’ll be spending a ...
Screen time tips to support teens
Smartphones are central to teen’s daily routine, if not integral to it. Whether it’s sending something on Snapchat to keep ...
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