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If you have a keen gamer on your hands, or simply want to find out more about how young people are gaming online and how to help them get the best out of their experience, you’ll find a great range of resources, articles and tools to help.

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The future of Loot Boxes in video games – gaming and gambling
Learn how to protect children from the lure of Loot Boxes and in-app purchases in video games with advice from ...
What you need to know about WHO gaming disorder
Gaming Disorder has been added to the WHO ICD-11 disease classification in the section on “Disorders due to addictive behaviours”.
What parents need to know about Pokémon Go mobile game
To help parents get a better understanding of this new phenomenon taking the gaming world by storm we outline the ...
Parents guide to the Fortnite World Cup
Learn more about the Fornite World Cup and why it's gathered a lot of press coverage and why it could ...
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite parents’ guide
From the makers of Pokémon Go, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a new free-to-play game that is already proving popular. ...
Play your child at their own game this summer
The range of proposed measures hopes to encourage companies to take reasonable steps to keep their users safe.
Supercell partners with us to continue their drive to improve child safety online
One of the world’s leading mobile gaming developers, Supercell, has partnered with us in a bid to help children stay ...
Taming Gaming book is a great resource for schools and parents
We’re excited to announce that Internet Matters has signed up as a key partner on Andy Robertson’s upcoming Taming Gaming ...
Three has partnered with us to help keep children safe online
Three is committed to making a positive impact when it comes to the internet and mobile protection.
Gaming disorder – what you need to know
With recent news of gaming addiction becoming a recognised disorder, our games experts Andy Robertson looks at what this means ...
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