Fake news

Helping children develop digital literacy and critical thinking is key to helping them make informed choices online about what they watch, share and take form the online world. See a range of resources, articles and guides to help you get up to speed on what fake news is and help your child spot it and deal with it.

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Following the successful publication of our Vulnerable Children in the Digital World report was launched, we have been working next ...

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Expert Q&A
How can I help my child think critically about the social media influencers they follow?

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Tackling online hate and trolling
As children spend more time interacting with each online, it's important to help them recognise behaviours that can spread harmful ...
Fake news
Get support to help children develop their digital literacy and critical thinking to spot the difference between fact and fiction ...

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Parent stories
Mum shares the impact fake news had on her son
Mum Ann shares her family’s personal experience of fake news to help other parents consider their children's digital literacy skills.
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