Downtime with tech

Make use of the best of the net to help your child enjoy quality downtime. See a range of great articles, apps, and tools to help you get started.

Recommended Apps & Platforms

Apps & Platforms
What is the sendit app?
The sendit app has risen in popularity among young people, but just like other anonymous apps, it can put children ...
Apps & Platforms
What is Wattpad? A breakdown for parents
Wattpad is a platform where users connect read and write original stories to share with others. See how to stay ...
Apps & Platforms
What is the Wordle game?
The simple word game has quickly risen to popularity among teens and young adults. While Wordle’s concept is harmless enough, ...

Recommended Articles

Is it safe for children to trade in cryptocurrency and NFTs?
With more young people taking an interest in trading cryptocurrency and NFTs, it's important to understand the risks. Expert Ademolawa ...
What are cryptocurrencies and NFTs?
To help keep young people safe as they navigate the popular world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, decentralised finance expert Ademolawa ...
Improving literacy in the age of technology
Improving literacy in children can make them more media literate and able to think critically about the news they see ...

Recommended Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A
How to encourage children to learn different skills online
Expert Q&A
Helping children create a kinder world online
Expert Q&A
How might tech affect feelings of loneliness in young people?

Recommended Parental controls

Parental controls
Wattpad safety and privacy guide
Help teens stay safe on Wattpad with these steps for managing content, reporting and more.

Recommended Research

The role of agency in supporting young people’s wellbeing
It's important to reflect on what we do online and how taking control of our experiences makes us feel. Our ...
Life’s gone digital: pandemic life for teens outlined in Cybersurvey
This year's Cybersurvey looks at teenagers’ wellbeing and online lives in the COVID-19 winter lockdown of 2020-21.