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Exploring neurodivergent young people’s relationships with online games
Supported by Roblox, this research aims to better understand the benefits and challenges of online gaming on neurodivergent young people.
What parents need to know about sexual image-sharing among kids
Learn about our research into sexual image-sharing among 11- to 13-year-olds and what these insights mean for parents.
Principles for providers of children’s residential care
These 9 principles outline best practice for supporting online safety for children in residential care.
Our Greater Manchester pilot project: Introducing Bee Smart
In January, we kicked off our project with Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), co-producing media literacy support with and for ...
Report: A Whole New World? Towards a Child-Friendly Metaverse
This report summarises current developments in the metaverse landscape, along with early evidence of the opportunities and risks posed to ...
The impact of technology on children’s digital wellbeing
The report assessed the impact of digital technology on the wellbeing of children and young people. The research revealed interesting ...
June 2022 tracker
Our tracker survey is conducted twice per year with a sample of 1000 children aged 9-16 and 2000 parents. This ...
December 2021 tracker insights
Our tracker survey is conducted twice per year. This survey had a sample of 2000 UK parents of children aged ...