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Yubo formerly Yellow social media app
Yubo, formerly Yellow, is a social media app encouraging teens to find new friends by allowing them to swipe left ...
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The Forest App
If you’re worried about how much time your little one is spending on their gadget, Rik Henderson of Pocket-lint, offers ...
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Created by Vodafone the book Goldilocks help parents to discuss social media use with their younger children.
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Digiduck app
An educational, e-safety story app for 3-7 years. Like the book, the story app follows Digiduck and his pals in ...
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Internet Matters app
‘Internet Matters’ is our app designed to help parents talk about e-safety issues with their children, and to ensure that ...
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Samsung Kids Mode App
The Kids Mode App helps to keep your children safe whilst being entertained using a Samsung smartphone or tablet. The ...
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An internet safety quiz for teams, parents can take it with their teenagers to see how much they know about ...
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Online safety helpline
From setting up parental controls to reporting online bullying, you can call the free helpline on 0808 800 5002, or ...
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Sky Kids App
The Sky Kids app offers a fun and safer way for pre-schoolers to nine year olds to enjoy a wide ...
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Online quiz about staying safe online
Created by 02 and NSPCC the online quiz about staying safe online aim to get the whole family together in ...
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