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Apps & Tools
The Forest App
If you’re worried about how much time your little one is spending on their gadget, Rik Henderson of Pocket-lint, offers ...

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Expert opinion
How can I help my child best manage their screen time?
As devices are becoming a larger part of families lives and there is no sign that this is going to ...
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My child has been negatively affected by something they’ve seen online- what do I do?
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Expert opinion
How can I help my child to think critically to protect them against extremist influences?
How can parents counter the narrative and encourage ‘critical thinking’ when it comes to protecting children against extremist influences (on ...

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Broadband Activity Pack
Sky Broadband is team up with Sky Broadband Buddy and creates an activity pack for families.
Amazing games guide for families
Playing games with your child and understanding how to make use of safety controls on apps and games consoles will ...
Game age ratings explained
To help you choose age-appropriate games for children most platforms will feature an age rating on the game. Due to ...

Recommended Lesson resources

Lesson resources
Being Smart with your Smartphone
Childnet International and the Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) have designed a lesson designed for teachers to use with 8-11 year ...

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Parent stories
Managing screen time with children of different ages – mum shares her experience
Jess mum of two shares her screen time challenges and tips when trying to implement screen time boundaries with children ...
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Supporting teens as they explore their curiosity online
Mummy gamer shares how she helps her son navigate the online gaming world.
Parent stories
Mum gamer shares online gaming benefits and potential challenges
Mummy gamer shares how she helps her son navigate the online gaming world.

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Our research looks at parents’ views of their children’s relationship with gaming, across all devices and platforms.
Parenting Generation Game: Summary of findings
See a summary of the insights from our Parenting Generation Game report outlining parental views of their relationship with gaming ...
How can we support vulnerable children in the digital world?
The report explores how children's vulnerabilities offline can help us to identify online risks.