What is the school’s responsibility to protect my child from extremism?

Find out what role a school plays in protecting your child from extremism and radicalisation and how you can support them at home.

Sajda Mughal OBE

CEO of JAN Trust, Campaigner and Consultant
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In 2015 the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act placed legal responsibility upon schools to “prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.” A telephone helpline has been put into place for teachers, governors and other staff to raise concerns directly with the Department for Education. Teachers will assess the risk of pupils being drawn into extremist ideologies.

The counter-terrorism requirements also include warnings against extremism, and staff in schools have received training to identify children at risk and “to challenge extremist ideas.” Schools are also required to ensure that pupils do not access extremist material online. Nevertheless, it is important to protect children from extremism in the home, too, and ensure that they feel they are surrounded by trusted adults who they can speak to and approach in the event of a dangerous situation.

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