Our Expert Panel – Introducing Adam Deen

By Adam Deen on

Adam was previously a senior member of the Islamist extremist organisation, al-Muhajiroun, and utilised universities himself as a key source for recruitment. Adam became disillusioned with his extremist beliefs and began a journey away from Islamist extremism. Adam now dedicates his work to countering extremism and the Islamist ideology he once subscribed to, which he … Continued

My child wants to be a vlogger, is it safe?

By Dr Tamasine Preece on

Is your child longing to join the wave of young teens and pre-teens vlogging about their lives and favourite pastimes? If so, it's important to make sure they are aware of what they may encounter and what the benefits and risks are. Dr Tamasine Preece shares insight on this and more. What should I consider … Continued

Parents guide to Roblox and how your kids can play it safely

By Andy Robertson on

Is Roblox safe for children to play? This is the question that a lot of parents are grappling with, following the recent concerns raised in the media. To help ease those fears, Pocket-lint tech journalist and games expert Andy Robertson sheds light on the game and how it can be played safely. Roblox has been … Continued

Our Expert Panel – Introducing Ben Bolton

By Ben Bolton on

Having spent almost 2 decades working in Local Government, Ben currently works for HeadStart Kernow, a Big Lottery funded programme aimed at improving the mental health of 10 – 16-year-olds. Ben is leading a research programme focussed on the social and emotional wellbeing of young people living in an online world. As part of this … Continued

40% rise in teens managing their money online

By Internet Matters Team on

As research reveals that online and mobile banking among Halifax customers aged 11 to 18 has increased by 40% in just two years, together with Halifax we’ve create a simple video to give parents confidence to help their child manage their money. Teens online banking habits The research also identified teenagers as now being far … Continued