Launch of the BBC Own It App

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When a child gets their first smartphone it can be a big step in their life. The new BBC Own It app will help support children to make smarter choices, feel more confident and get advice when they need it.

What is the Own It app?

The Own It app is part of the BBC’s commitment to supporting children and young people in the digital world. Children can access the app at any time to get real-time, on-screen advice and support the moment they need it.

How does the app work?

The app features a special keyboard that combines machine-learning tech with the ability to allow a child to record their feelings. The app builds a picture of your child’s digital wellbeing and in response, will provide on-screen advice, support and can step in to help your child understand the impact of their online behaviour and on others.
For example, if a child is typing something which might be upsetting to the person receiving it, it can recognise this language as being inappropriate and will remind them to think twice about sending the message. Or if a child is typing personal details such as a number or email address it will tell the child to ‘think safe’ before sharing. The app can even recognise language that might suggest if a child is in trouble and will offer advice and encourage them to talk to a trusted adult.

Encouraging self-reporting

The child is also encouraged to keep a diary on how they are feeling within the app itself by selecting an emoji that best reflects their current mood. The app will use this information to recommend content to the child that can help support their overall wellbeing.

Need help setting up the Own It App?

See our step-by-step Own It app guide designed to empower your child to make smart choices, and lead a positive life online.

The Own It app is free to download for Apple and Android devices.

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Visit the BBC Own It website to download the app and learn more about its features to support your child.

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