Internet Matter joins the Digital Poverty Alliance to tackle digital divide

As part of the Digital Poverty Alliance, we're committed to helping end digital poverty by 2030.

Today, the Digital Poverty Alliance (DPA) launches its UK Evidence Review 2022, the culmination of an extensive review of the landscape of digital exclusion in the UK, and the foundation for a set of evidence-based principles for ending digital poverty.

Tackling digital poverty and disadvantage

We are delighted to be Community Board Partners of the Digital Poverty Alliance (DPA) and welcome this thorough investigation. The COVID-19 pandemic made us all more acutely aware of the importance of having digital access to conduct our everyday lives and to socialise, learn, be entertained and be creative. Children and young people without adequate digital access felt this most keenly as they struggled to access education, creating a widening social gap between those facing digital disadvantage and the wider population.

Supporting digital journeys with online safety advice

We cannot let the digital divide restrict the ability to grow and flourish that being online offers young people. As such, we welcome the initiatives and efforts of the Digital Poverty Alliance Community to provide access to the 1.7 million households who are offline, and support the 11 million people in the UK who lack the digital skills needed for everyday life. At Internet Matters we are passionate about playing a role in ensuring that as these households start their digital journey, we educate parents about how to keep their children safe in the ever-changing digital world so they can maximise the benefits this will bring.

As part of the Alliance, we’re committed to ending digital poverty by 2030. This is the first step on the journey and you can read the full Review here.

Digital poverty in the UK document

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