Tech trends: Tablets for children

Are you on the verge of buying a tablet for your child or would like to know what tablets you should consider for your child?

Tech expert Peter Jenkinson discusses this rising trend and gives and highlights some child-friendly tablet to consider.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that there were unknown forces at work when you see the immediate attraction of jam ridden fingers towards shiny touchscreen devices.

The evolution of the tablet market from the bulky early iPad to a market now filled with new high definition displays, has now overtaken even laptops in popularity.

Growth of tablets for children

The number of devices that have appeared with children firmly in focus is both impressive and slightly annoying. It’s impressive that so many devices appeared almost overnight from previously unknown brands, all trying to encourage parents to buy.

Annoying more so is how the “stick a kid’s character on it and they will come” type approach has brought a number of below average devices to the aisles. The poor processing speeds and questionable content on these devices often leads to children demanding to play with their parent’s devices.

What brands should parents trust?

Child specialist VTech recently announced its takeover of Leapfrog, it also admitted to having its entire database hacked, its Learning Lodge compromised but little has been done to restore any confidence.

The last word was of a change in its terms and conditions, taking a zero accountability approach. There are a lot of parents that have come to trust both brand names with the ‘edutainment’ of their kids however; these latest revelations mean we should, for now approach each with caution.

The better news is that not only have other manufacturers come up with child-specific tablet offerings too but the prices of more grown-up tablets has declined making it worth considering buying these for children as well..

What about the screen time issue?

Before taking a look at the best tablets on offer for children, there are some who believe that children should have little or no screen time.

To say that technology is a growing part of our society and that children should be digitally savvy simply isn’t enough. Having controlled screen access; controlled from both a time allowed and content accessed perspective is getting more responsible, these aren’t digital babysitters, but on long journeys are a godsend.

How should we view a child’s use of tech?

Look at tablets as an ‘edutainment’ device; load with a balanced menu of content from pure fun and films to undercover learning apps, of which there are many.

Restrict content access and always be the one in charge of the device, you do not want this to happen after you’ve had that head-in-hands bill from some unfortunate in-app purchases that your child has made.

Reviews of children’s tablets

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