Cyberbullying advice magazine created in partnership with the Sunday Mirror

Together with The Sunday Mirror we’ve created a free magazine pull-out to empower parents and carers to support their children on cyberbullying.

From the tragic headlines that we’ve seen of young people taking their lives, to one in ten parents telling us that their child has been involved in cyberbullying, it is clear that there is a need for more support for parents and children to deal with this issue.

Working together to support parents

To offer this support to UK parents and carers we sought the help of experts and industry professionals and put together a bespoke cyberbullying advice supplement. The supplement features advice from Dr Linda Papadopoulos and anti-bullying charities Anti-bullying Alliance and Kidscape, parent real life stories and more.

Get involved and spread the word

If you are concerned about this issue and are in need of support download the pull-out, take a look at our cyberbullying hub for expert advice and share the pull-out with friends to help us make a difference.

The internet provides children with a wealth of opportunities, and we don’t want children to be afraid to go online, or held back in their future careers because of a negative experience online.

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