Stay safe online with BBC resources

In addition to joining us to help more families stay safe online, the BBC have created a number of great resources that will help you and your child get the best online experience on their platforms and beyond.

BBC iWonder Guide

As part of our new partnership with the BBC, we’ve worked together to create an interactive guide to give you practical tips on how you can keep your children safe online.

It covers 7 key areas such as “Taking control with tech” and “What kind of parent am I?”. 

See guide

[im_icon_block icon=”6115″]CBBC Stay Safe 

This page has great tips and tools for young children to give them a better understanding of the online risks. It is packed full of quizzes, games and familiar CBBC characters who offer their take on how to stay safe online.[/im_icon_block]

[im_icon_block icon=”3731″]BBC iWonder 

These are interactive guides that help people to understand different issues from the world of Science, Arts, History and much more. Each iWonder has an interesting question at the heart of it that drives the content inside it such as ‘Are tablets good for children?‘.[/im_icon_block]

[im_icon_block icon=”3734″]CBeebies Grown Ups

Tips and ideas from top parenting and education experts on a range of issues, including e- safety. It also has exclusive information about CBeebies shows and opportunities to get involved.

Some useful articles:


[im_icon_block icon=”3735″]Webwise

A collection of articles and video on how to develop the essential online skills to make the most of your mobile, tablet or computer.

Here are a few on e-safety:


[im_icon_block icon=”3775″]BBC iPlayer Kids

BBC iPlayer Kids app gives children easier access to their favourite programmes, while parents can be confident they’re watching shows appropriate for their age and free from adverts.


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