Top 10 essential back to school tech items and gadgets


Back to school

With just a couple weeks’ left of the summer holidays, the back to school preparations may already be underway for many parents.

Making sure your child is well equipped for a new school year can be difficult with the amount of devices and gadgets on offer.

To give you some guidance on what you could invest in to get your child off to a great start we have compiled a list of 10 tech ideas to get your child ready for the new school year.

1. Google Drive

With homework an increasingly electronic and collaborative learning experience, sharing and storing files in one easy to access location is important in any school year. Google Drive is a great solution. It comes with 15GB of free storage and if you need more space it can be expanded to 100GB for $1.99 a month.

This not only helps store your child’s homework documents but it also does away with USB sticks, and can be a great way for your family to share and store media.

2. Hard Disc Storage


When cloud storage won’t cut it having a portable way to move very large files can be very useful. Whether your child is getting into video-editing in Media Studies or taking huge numbers of photos in Art, being able to quickly transport them home is essential.

This Toshiba option not only offers plenty of space; it is also robust enough to cope with knocking around in a school bag. You can plug it in via a USB connection and you are ready to go. It also supports the High Speed USB 3.0 port if you have that on your computer.

3. External Charger


With so many different devices knocking around school bags it’s easy to be out of power just at the moment you need to use it. Packing in an external battery is a good fall back for when a device’s own supply runs out.

This Lumsing option is so powerful that it can charge an iPhone four times over. LED indicators show how much battery it has left. A drawstring bag also avoids it getting marked in the school bag.

4. Phone Fashion Cases


You may not need to upgrade your child’s phone tech to keep up with other families. Buying one of a range of phone cases is a cost effective and attractive way to “upgrade” their phone for the new year.

There is a wide range to choose from but these cases from Skinny Dip have the edge when it comes to stand out fashion statements for your child’s communication device.

5. Kids Headphones



This may be a less obvious choice for the back to school list but a good pair of headphones that your child is happy to wear on the bus not only means they can listen to music on the go, but also opens the door to educational podcasts and lessons.

Products like these HA-KD5 JVC units are tailored to smaller heads and sport a wide headband that can be customised with stickers.

6. Smiggle Smart Pencil Case


New pencils and pens are of course a rite of passage for each new school year. Invest in one of these smart cases from Smiggle and you also solve the calculator problem as well. Having everything in one handy tin also means that it’s less likely to go missing.

Don’t forget that these things are as much about a fashion statement as storage so get your child involved in deciding on which design to go for.

7. The 53 Smart Pencil


While a lot of tech focuses on making science subjects easier, this Pencil turns a tablet into a creative hub. By doing away with the sticky finger tapping interface it offers an intuitive way to draw, erase and sketch.

It turns a piece of tech into a natural and expressive medium. With Surface Pressure, Erase, Blend, and adaptive Palm Rejection, the pencil puts creative possibility in the hands of any child. There’s also a growing set of apps available that make use of it.

Andy Robertson is a tech journalist at Pocket Lint.

Image attribution: Toca Boca under Creative Commons agreement