GoBubble – Kid safe social media

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Social media offers children a world of opportunities but it can also open them up to potential risks such as cyberbullying. That is where GoBubble comes in.

What is GoBubble?

GoBubble is essentially a safer, healthier and kinder social media for kids.

It’s used by teachers and is a cross-curricular, multi-faceted social media platform that encourages collaboration between students (13 years old and under) and other GoBubble classes around the world.

The idea of GoBubble is empowering kids to collaborate, communicate and engage with real friends – giving them practical ways to learn how to be positive and kind citizens in their online lives.

How it works

An example of how the platform works is: GoBubble rewards the ‘likes’ children give, not the ones they get. They remove the popularity competition and instead actively encourage children to support each other.

Teachers who are first time users will need to register on the GoBubble website – the moderators will verify your details such as your name, the school you work at and your school email address. Once accepted, you have full access to a pre-moderated space where every user, so students and teachers, will be verified by the school.

GoBubble says: “Every young-user is a genuine child and unlike other sites, all content is checked before it appears”.

How much does it cost?

GoBubble is free to join for schools.

Is GoBubble available for parents?

Currently the service is for teachers, however, GoBubble are launching ‘GoBubble Family’ very soon. You can register your interest here..

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