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Here is the Kat Family Digital Toolkit

We've organised the resources by age and things you can do with a little or a lot of time on your hands. Use the age-specific dropdown and navigate; Things to do now, Things to explore further and Longer reads tabs to explore the resources.

For your children aged: 14+
Things you can do now.
Things to explore further.
Longer reads to support your child.

In the next 5 mins, read up, watch and learn about what you can do to help your child feel more confident online and address some of the online issues they may face.

Things you can do now.

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Connecting and sharing online

30 min read

Find advice to help young people with SEND connect and share safely with friends and family online and reduce online risks.

Staying safe while browsing online

20 min read

Get practical tips to encourage children with SEND to make smarter choices online and protect them from inappropriate content.

Staying safe while gaming – supporting children with SEND

20 min read

See advice to help young people with SEND get the best out of their gameplay and reduce potential risks.

So you got naked online guide for young people with SEND

20 min read

Advice for young people with SEND to deal with sexting incidents.

TikTok app safety – What parents need to know

15 min read

Use our guide to get to grips with the safety tools available on the app and ways your teen can make the most of their time on the platform.

Social media concerns

20 min read

Get advice to help your family navigate the risks and rewards that social media can bring.

Helping young people express themselves authentically online to improve wellbeing

Top tips to help children manage their online reputation

Tips to Promote Positive Body Image

5 min read

More to explore

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