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General enquiries:

Unfortunately, we are unable to answer specific queries from parents about internet safety.

Please visit our Report Issue page for information about organisations who can offer advice. There are also links to recommended forums to get support and talk to other parents.

Looking for a free helpline?

Family Lives is a charity dedicated to helping parents deal with the changing nature of family life. They offer a free confidential helpline service. To get in touch with them, call 0808 800 2222.

Partnership enquiries:

If you’re a company that’s interested in partnering with us, please contact:

Internet Matters,

Ambassador House,
75 St Michael’s Street,
London, W2 1QS

Email: [email protected]

Press and media enquiries:

You can send an email with the name of your site or publication and the subject of your enquiry to [email protected].

You can also phone 0203 770 7612. Please note, this number is managed by our media office and can not take calls about other matters.