What is peer pressure?

Advice for young people

Learn about how some people might try to push you into things you do not like to do.

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How to spot peer pressure

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What to think about

When you make friends it is natural to want to fit in and to be liked. Real friends will be kind and supportive. But it is not OK if you have to do things you do not want to do so that you can stay friends with these people.

Some people try to use their friends to make themselves feel big. They try to push them to do embarrassing, risky or upsetting things (or even illegal things like stealing from a shop) or make fun of them.

They might say it is to prove how loyal you are, or you may simply feel you have to do it because you believe they are your friends.

If anyone who says they are a friend or a boyfriend or girlfriend asks you to share nudes, simply say no. If they really love you, they would not ask this.

There is a real risk that your photo could be shared and lots of people would see it. It could be used for reasons you would not like.

If you find this happens, you should talk to a trusted adult as soon as you can or call a helpline.

But you can use peer pressure for good