Just like in any other space, I need to stay safe

Advice for young people

Learn more about why it is important to be safe when connecting with others online and ways to do this safely.

Just like in any other space, I need to stay safe

What you will learn


What to think about

Choosing who I chat with

When you first crossed a road you had to learn to look carefully left and right to see if it was safe to cross. You also learned to cross at a green light. These things keep you safe.

Online, we all have to learn how to move around safely too.

  • Some online spaces are not for children or young people.
  • You might see scary things or be shocked by something. This is not your fault.
  • That is why you will need to learn where you can safely go and how to search safely.
  • You will need to learn what you can share and what might upset other people or make problems for you.
  • We often talk about what is appropriate – this simply means it is OK to do this. Sometimes we act in a way that is OK in some situations but not in others. So what seems to be a joke between you and your friend, is really not suitable to send to grandma. It takes time to learn what is appropriate or not (inappropriate) but it is definitely inappropriate to send rude, upsetting or sexual messages or images.

These steps are not difficult to learn, and you will soon get to know what is needed to make the most of the internet, your devices like mobile phones and games consoles. There is so much to enjoy – to learn – to play – to listen to and to watch. See below to learn more.

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