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To help support parents, carers, and young people with additional learning needs, we have created this hub to offer tailored advice on how to connect safely online across a range of social platforms.

Social media allows us all to make connections and breakdown barriers. For many young people, it can be a vital part of staying connected to the world around them. This resource hopes to empower young people with the tools to navigate it smartly and safely.

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Welcome to Connecting Safely Online. A website created to support parents, children and young people with additional learning needs to connect safely online.

The children and young people we spoke to, explained to us how much they loved going on social media, but they also told us that sometimes things went wrong online and that they needed help.

So we asked them to help other children and young people with additional needs, by telling us what was needed.

As a result, they came in for workshops.

They answered surveys.

We talked to their parents, carers, and teachers.

We listened...

And with their support, we created advice to help you have a happier, positive and safer online experience.


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