Get ready for a digital festive season

This festive season, set your child up for online safety that lasts the whole year. Whether you’re gifting a new device or one that’s new-to-them, make sure you set it up before you wrap it up with step-by-step guides and a personalised online safety plan.

Explore our guidance below to gift yourself peace of mind as they play and share in new and different ways over the holidays.

Get ready for the festive season with step-by-step guidance

What you’ll find on this page

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or other holidays over the festive season, put children’s online safety first. See our advice below to help make your child’s whole year safe and positive.

Get devices set up safe

Before gifting your child their new device over the festive season, set it up safely. This will ensure you stay in control of what they can access and when, to give them a better experience as soon as they unbox it.

Set up safe checklist

Set up safe for online safety for the Christmas, Hanukkah and festive season

Before they open their brand new device this holiday season, make sure you set them up safe with this guide.

Step-by-step guides

Use parental controls for online safety for the Christmas, Hanukkah and festive season

Explore over 70 step-by-step how-to guides to set controls and privacy settings on a range of devices and platforms.

Gifting a second-hand phone?

Gifting a hand-me-down device this Christmas, Hanukkah or festive season?

Get top tips on how to get it ready for your child to use second-hand devices safely and smartly

The best tech for the holidays

Buy the best tech to support online safety for the Christmas, Hanukkah and festive seasons

Gift the right tech for your family this festive season with our guide created with help from expert Andy Robertson.


Get your personalised online safety toolkit

For a personalised online safety plan this festive season that lasts all year long, create your family’s toolkit.

Take 5 minutes to answer some simple questions about your child’s interests and digital habits for advice emailed directly to you. Then, revisit your toolkit whenever you need it even after the holiday season is over for continuous peace of mind.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or more over the festive season, the personalised toolkit will help you keep children safe all year long.

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Get talking to tackle online issues

Start conversations with your child to help them build awareness about the risks they might face online. From social media use to video game habits, the following resources will help you build their digital literacy and resilience.

Talk about children's online safety this festive season.

Talk to your child about their digital life this festive season, so they feel comfortable coming to you if something goes wrong.


Help your child use social media safely this holiday season.

Understand the risks and benefits of social media to help your child make safer choices during the festive season and all year.


Put online safety first with expert advice for video game safety.

Encourage safe interactions and positive behaviours in video games over the holidays to help keep support your child’s wellbeing.


Get age-specific online safety advice for children this festive season.

Get age-specific advice to help keep your children safe over the holidays and well into the new year.


Explore online safety risks and benefits with our online issues hubs this festive season.

Over the festive season, stay informed about the risks and benefits of the online space with expert advice.


PlayStation Online Safety Quiz with Sony

Play the Press Start for PlayStation Safety interactive quiz to learn how to make the most of PlayStation safety settings.

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