TalkTalk Homesafe

Controls & Settings guide

TalkTalk Homesafe features three web filter settings – Virus Alert, Kids Safe, Homework time that can block social networking and games sites at specific times and the ability to block individual sites.

What do I need?

A TalkTalk account (Username and Password). If you haven’t signed up, you will need your landline telephone number and your TalkTalk account number (found at the top of your bill).

Restrictions you can apply

icon Alcohol & Tobacco
icon Dating
icon Drugs & Criminal Skills
icon File Sharing & Hacking
icon Gambling
icon Innapropriate content
icon Online games
icon Pornography & Adult
icon Social networking
icon Suicide & Self-harm
icon Weapons & Violence, Gore & Hate

Step by Step instructions


Go to ‘My Account‘ and log in with your Username and Password. If you haven’t got an account click the ‘Register’ button.


Hover over ‘My services’ from the menu at the top and select ‘View HomeSafe settings’.


Select filters and change your settings to suit your family needs.

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