Catherine Knibbs

Child Trauma Psychotherapist (Cybertrauma)

Cath is a Clinical Doctorial Researcher, Consultant, Public Speaker, Author and Child Trauma Psychotherapist. She writes about and works with “Cybertrauma” which is any trauma that occurs through an internet ready device.

She has worked with children in therapy about their digital life, which includes many issues related to cyberspace. She works with parents about how to live and function in a technological age, guiding and supporting them. She teaches therapists and professionals about Cybertrauma. She runs a podcast and regularly blogs about cyber/e-safety issues on her websites and medium channel. Catherine has a background in engineering and IT from her time in the Army through to today.

She is s clinical supervisor and uses Neuroscience, Attachment and Psychology to understand and work with the complex needs of her clients. She is also a functional health practitioner.
She is a director for Privacy 4 Therapists LTD, ACTO and member of AACOSS as well as an associate of the Co-Ed foundation.

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