Digital Resilience Toolkit

Practical tips for parents of 14+ year olds

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Building a child’s digital resilience

See tips to help children become more digitally savvy and get the best out of their online world.

  • Most teens turn to video content first for all types of content that are important to them
  • 1 in 10 12 – 15s who go online have ‘gone live’ on a social network
  • 1 in 8 12 – 15s with a social media profile say there is pressure to look popular all of the time

At this age, your child might be starting to date and growing their network of friends through social media.

As they increase their exposure and consumption of the online world, there is the potential that it may affect their body image, or how they form their identity on and offline and potentially be exposed to cyberbullying and sexting.

  • Have conversations about sex and relationships in the online world
  • Discuss managing their online identity and critical thinking
  • Talk about the time spent online and health implications
  • Have open and honest conversations
  • Have an open door policy
  • Assess the situation and find ways to deal with it together
  • Try and understand what has gone on and who is involved
  • Don’t overreact, show your support and reassure them that you will deal with it together
  • Seek to advise from specialist organisation or GP if the situation is serious to give them the best chance to recover and regain confidence

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Download toolkit

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