Online safety advice by age

Whatever your child’s age, we have guidance to help you find out more about their digital lives. See what you can do to keep them safe on social media, in video games and on devices.

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Quick tips to protect children at any age

Set parental controls or safety settings

See our step-by-step guides for social media, video games, devices and more to make sure children are safe while they play or browse at any age.

Encourage critical thinking

Use our interactive activities to help your child develop critical thinking around the things they see online. This will help them take action when something goes wrong or is upsetting.

Interactive tools

Regularly talk about their digital life

Conversations are key to keeping children safe at any age. Talk about issues in the news or ask them about their day. See our guidance here.

Manage their wellbeing

Set screen time limits and practise mindfulness when it comes to digital use. Help children recognise when the online space affects their emotions or health in negative ways. Then, give them tips on taking breaks or trying different activities.

Get personalised advice

Receive personalised resources and advice to keep children safe online as they grow.


Choose an age guide

See how to support your child's online safety at any age with these guides to their habits, interests and concerns.

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Early years (0-5s)

If your child is under 5, see what you can do to help them build lifelong digital skills.

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Young kids (6-10s)

As your child starts primary education, they start to use more apps and devices.

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Pre-teen (11-13s)

Moving to secondary school means more opportunities and potential risks.

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Teens (14-17s)

At secondary, teens join social media, develop more skills and do their school work online.


What children do online

Children and young people spend most of their time online watching videos, playing video games and staying connected with friends.

of children watch videos online on services like TikTok and YouTube

of 9-17-year-olds play single-player video games

of children play multiplayer video games

of 9-17s use social media services

Resources to support children's interests

Learn about the benefits and risks of social media, gaming and more. Then, set children's accounts and devices up for safety.

Resources to stay on top of tech

Learn about the latest apps and technology with these guides to keep kids safe.

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