Pre-teens (11-13)

Online safety advice

As children between the ages of 11 and 13 make the transition to a more independent stage with the move to secondary school, they become more confident internet users with more varied habits. Internet use can be hugely positive for children, but it’s vital to continue discussing online safety with them.

School programmes
Research: Supporting educators on issues of online safety
This report focuses on the importance of frontline services which directly support families: schools. Most children in England spend more than 30 hours at school per week. Some families look to teachers as a source of support in many aspects of life, educational and noneducational – including online life.
This report focuses on the importance of ...
School programmes
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LGfL Act Early – Radicalisation Stories
Based on three real-life stories of young people whose lives have been affected by radicalisation, Act Early Stories includes powerful videos and ready to use session slides, designed to spark discussion and support vulnerable young people. To help build confidence and reduce workload it also contains guidance notes, so teachers and youth workers can either use the entire session or individual activities.
Based on three real-life stories of young ...