Our supporters

Our Supporters help Internet Matters with their valuable time and resources and play a vital role in ensuring that the online safety message is heard by as many parents as possible.

Reaching families with online safety

Getting our supporters to help is critical to realising the vision of creating a cross-industry organisation that will make the UK’s parents and children the most knowledgeable and engaged in the world in the area of online safety.

Contributing supporters

See the list of our supporters and a summary of how we’ve worked together.

Resources document

See the latest impact report to learn more about the work we’ve done over the course of 2017-18 with support from our partners.

We have been working with PC World Currys on association with their “my first laptop” summer campaign. As a Supporter, they have been exploring various ways of extending their association through activations in the area of gaming and social media.
Twitter has been a supporter of Internet Matters for several years and they continue to help us use their platform to increase our reach and impact through in-kind financial contribution.
“We’re pleased to support the work of Internet Matters as a highly visible destination for advice and support about how people can control their experience online and deal with any issues that may arise.”
Akamai is pleased to support Internet Matters and insure the security and protection of children in the digital world. We offer powerful security solutions that instill confidence in parents to enable their children to benefit from technology. We are excited to work alongside industry partners with Internet Matters to create a safer environment for children to learn, play, and grow.” Campbell Foster, Vice President Product Marketing
Great to have Qualcomm join our industry collaboration. We’re excited to be working with them on a project to develop online safety guidance resources for hearing impaired adults, to support the children in their care.
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