Our Supporters help Internet Matters with their valuable time and resources. They have an important role to play in ensuring that the online safety message is heard by as many parents as possible.

Their support is critical to realising the vision of creating a cross-industry organisation that will make the UK’s parents and children the most knowledgeable and engaged in the world in the area of online safety.



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“Barclays takes the issue of online safety seriously and is proud to support Internet Matters.”

“We’re pleased to support the work of Internet Matters as a highly visible destination for advice and support about how people can control their experience online and deal with any issues that may arise.”

“Disney is proud to support Internet Matters.”




“At F-Secure, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the connected world and all it has to offer. We aim to support Internet Matters by offering industry expert advice that will be beneficial to parents and children.”

“Family Lives believes it is essential to give parents the tools and information they need to help support their children to stay safe online. We are very proud to work with Internet Matters.”


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“We believe that we should empower parents to confidently navigate the online world with their kids. We at FOSI are proud to work with Internet Matters to do just that.”

“While the internet is a great resource, it is important that children and young people are protected from the risks they may encounter when outside the home. We are keen supporters of Internet Matters and applaud the work they do in guiding parents through the many issues their children can experience when using the internet.”

“At Kidscape we give young people, parents and professionals the tools to challenge cyberbullying. We’re proud to support Internet Matters in their work to help parents keep their children safe online.”




“At Impero, we share Internet Matters’ commitment to keeping students safe online and are proud to support the organisation’s dedication to this cause.”

“Nothing is more important to a parent than their child’s safety. As children increasingly live their lives online, it’s imperative that we educate them as best we can to do so safely. At Intel Security, we’re proud to support Internet Matters.”

“As part of the UK Safer Internet Centre, the IWF work hard to make the internet a safer place. We’re proud to support Internet Matters.”

JAN Trust

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“The JAN Trust has a wealth of experience in internet extremism. Its programmes and workshops educate pupils, parents and teachers about online radicalisation. As a strong advocate for e-safety, JAN Trust is proud to support Internet Matters to help parents keep their children safe online.”

“When children and young people go online, they’re still going somewhere.  We need to take an interest in where they go and make sure that their environment is safe. Respectme, Scotland’s Anti-Bullying Service fully supports Internet Matters, by providing free anti-bullying and online safety training to parents and carers across Scotland.”

“The Marie Collins Foundation works with children who have been harmed online and also offers support to families. Knowing the  devastation that online abuse causes, we fully support Internet Matters and the way in which it enables parents and carers to safeguard their children in the digital world.”

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“Supporting children and young people to use digital technology safely and responsibly, whilst still reaping the boundless opportunities it has to offer, is something the National Children’s Bureau feels passionately about. We are proud to support Internet Matters and the great work they are doing to make this a reality.”

“At the we believe that online safety should be an enabler and not a barrier to global connectivity and collaboration. We support Internet Matters by engaging parents, giving them a clear understanding of the fundamental issues and the knowledge to assess the risks for themselves and their children.”

“Primary Times, a national family magazine group reaching 2.7 million families of primary aged children, cares passionately about the safety of our children who are growing up in a digital world. We are delighted to be able to work with and support Internet Matters by helping to educate parents and children in  best and safe practice of the digital world.”