Policy & consultation responses

As well offering parents online safety resources, we work with policymakers across the political spectrum to ensure our point of view is heard by the people making decisions.

One of the ways we do this is by responding to Departmental and Select Committee Inquiries into areas of interest. These inquiries allow us to present our expertise and views to relevant people and thereby influence policymaking. Clearly, we don’t just respond to requests, we take the time to present parental insights, demonstrate the impact of our work and gain political support for our views.

You’ll find all our consultation responses below. For more information on our policy work, contact our Policy Director Claire Levens: [email protected].


Our responses

Relationship education, RSE and health education

Department of Education Relationships education, Relationship and Sex Education, and health education consultation 

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Impact of Social Media and Screen Time

Science and Technology Committee inquiry on Impact of Social Media and Screen Time on young people’s health

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Age Appropriate Design Code call for evidence

Information Commissioner’s Office call for evidence and views on the Age Appropriate Design Code

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Internet Safety Strategy Green Paper

The Government’s consultation paper setting out its ambition to make the UK the safest place in the world to be online.

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Sex & Relationship Education and PSHE

Department for Education’s inquiry into the teaching of sex and relationship education.

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