Our Partners recognise that industry has a responsibility to help parents keep their children safe online. Their significant support and investment is critical to ensuring Internet Matters is able to provide free online safety information and connect parents with the best resources from other expert organisations.

Our Partners are committed to the vision of creating an industry-wide coalition dedicated to making the UK’s parents and children the most knowledgeable and engaged in the world in the area of online safety.


Gavin Patterson, BT Chief Executive


“We are very pleased to be a part of this joint effort across the broadband industry to help families to get the best advice and support about online safety. We’re focused on the issue of online safety, and awareness, expert advice and support are crucial in making sure that parents feel confident in using the protections that are offered by ISPs.”

darrochcroppedJeremy Darroch, Sky Chief Executive


"From the very beginning we have supported Internet Matters’ aim to help families enjoy the best of the internet with peace of mind. Every day we help millions of Sky customers protect their children from inappropriate content. We have developed Sky Broadband Shield with parental control features such as watershed settings, and this has been automatically activated in many Sky homes. Internet safety will always be our priority for our customers, and Internet Matters provides them with very valuable additional support".

didoTristia Harrison, TalkTalk Chief Executive Officer


"Internet Matters pools and shares support and advice from a number of trustworthy sources, all in one place. It delivers more for parents and carers than one single company could achieve alone."

tomTom Mockridge, Virgin Media Chief Executive

Virgin Media

“Being online opens up huge opportunities for us all and we believe technology should be celebrated for making good things happen. But there are also questions and challenges we need to tackle and, with significant support from across the broadband industry, Internet Matters will help ensure all our customers make the most of the parental controls, tools and information we provide to help them stay safe online.”

Alice-Webb-BBC-childrens-250Alice Webb, Director, BBC Children’s


“We’re delighted to join forces with Internet Matters. Keeping our young audience safe online has long been a priority for the BBC and we have an important role to play in helping to make sure messages about staying safe online hit home. Today, kids spend more time online than ever before, so equipping them for the digital world has never been more important.”

EN New Headshot-1Eileen Naughton, MD Google UK and Ireland


“Google believes deeply in technology’s ability to unlock creativity, and we work hard to ensure that parents and children have the tools and knowledge they need to make smart and responsible choices online. We’re excited to be joining Internet Matters, and will continue to work with organisations across the child safety community to ensure that more families are able to safely open up the creativity, learning and fun the Internet has to offer.”

Antigone Davis, Facebook Head of Global Safety Policy


“People come to Facebook to share their stories, see the world through the eyes of others and connect with friends and family. Our mission is to give people the power to share and to make the world more open and connected. We want everyone to feel safe when using Facebook. That’s why Internet Matters is so important – we are delighted to work with them to help to provide free online safety information and connect parents with the best resources from other expert organisations.”

marc-allera-EE-CEOCEO of BT’s Consumer division: EE, BT and Plusnet at BT Group


“Children increasingly use phones and tablets as their first, and sometimes it's their only way of learning, playing, and interacting online. It can be hard to keep up with advice on how to keep our children safe using the latest mobile apps and technologies, and Internet Matters does a great job of providing the best and most up to date advice possible. We’re proud to be the first mobile operator to support Internet Matters and we’re looking forward to working with our industry partners to help children, parents and teachers stay safe while getting the most out of the latest technology.”

Alice-Webb-BBC-childrens-250Gordon Luo, CEO, Huawei UK


“Equipping schools, parents and children with the skills to navigate the online world has never been more important. Huawei is proud to support Internet Matters in its drive to improve online safety for children across the UK.”