SPACETALK kids’ watch on Sky Mobile

Learn how the new kids’ watch on Sky Mobile can keep you connected with your child when you’re not with them.

Helping you stay connected to your child

The new SPACETALK Smartwatch from Sky Mobile is an all-in-one mobile phone and GPS device designed with children at the heart. It allows them to gain a little more independence in a safe way.

The watch is easy to use and allows you to set up Safe Contacts, create ‘Safe Zone’ for your child and notification and reminders using the AllMyTribe companion app.

With the Sky Mobile package (£10 a month no upfront costs) you can get free data, calls and texts to stay in touch and support them when they need it. You can also check-in to see where your child is for peace of mind with the Location on Demand feature.

A simple alternative to smartphones

As it’s a wearable device without access to social media, the internet or an inbuilt camera, it makes it easier to protect your child from exposure to online risks such as cyberbullying or contact from strangers.

With this in mind, it’s been designed for children aged 5 – 12 to use before they get their first smartphone.

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Learn more about how Sky are working with us to offer support to UK parents to keep their children safe online.

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An introduction to SPACETALK smart watch

Key features

Making calls and sending texts

  • SMS Messaging
    SMS messages can be sent and received from contacts you allow through the app.
  • 3G Phone (2-way)
    Make and receive calls to a set of predefined customisable contact numbers.

Functions to give you peace of mind

  • SOS Alerts
    A dedicated SOS alert button can be programmed to call a sequence of guardians and even local emergency authorities.
  • High security
    Your privacy and security is assured. All data is hosted in highly secure data centres in the UK.
  • Safe contact lists
    Your child can only contact and be contacted by an unlimited list of contacts that you choose. Youʼre in control and theyʼre safe.
  • School Mode
    Silence SPACETALK during class to avoid distracting your child and others.
  • Weather
    View the weather at your childʼs location with the SPACETALK weather app.

Durable design for child use

  • Splash proof
    With a scratch-resistant glass touch screen and a hypoallergenic silicone band, the SPACETALK smart watch is dust, splash and water resistant (but not swim proof)
  • Up to 24 hours* battery life
    Battery life will depend on location update settings and time spent on calls. Overnight charging is recommended.

Your data is stored securely

  • The device complies with all mandatory European standards, GDPR, and your childʼs data is stored safely and securely in under the strictest privacy laws.

Creating safe spaces to protect your child

  • Safe Places
    Safe zones can be set up with customisable alerts to inform you when your child arrives and departs these zones.
  • Location on Demand
    Parents can view their child’s location, location history and change GPS settings using the app.

Child-friendly features

  • Reward stars
    Reward Stars are a fun way to motivate your child and keep them on track. Teach them to set goals and reward their good behaviour.
  • Step counter
    An integrated fitness tracker with voice feedback monitors your child’s physical activity.
  • Stop watch
    The Stopwatch function comes with a lap timer so your child can measure their progress for training and competitions.

AllMyTribe app keeps them safe and you in control

The AllMyTribe app is key to managing your child’s SPACETALK smart watch and is included without any additional cost with Sky Mobile.

  • Manage who they can contact
    Use the app to create an unlimited list of contacts, so your child can make and receive calls, as well as send and receive SMS messages, from a set of contacts you choose.
  • Change features and watch modes
    Manage and customise watch faces, view location history, set alarms, enable school mode and do much more, all through the app.
  • Available on Apple and Google app stores

Set up SpaceTalk smartwatch

See our step by step how-to guide to get started

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