Sky Broadband Buddy

Learn how the innovative app allows you to create uninterrupted family time by easily pausing your internet.

Making screen time work for your family

Sky Broadband Buddy offers you an all-in-one solution to manage each screen in and out of your home from an app on your phone or tablet.

It allows you to pause your internet on connected devices for the entire home and for individual family members, perfect for creating dinner time without screen time.

An introduction to Sky Broadband Buddy
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Learn more about how Sky are working with us to offer support to UK parents to keep their children safe online.

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Key features

Creating digital boundaries with filters

Protect children from inappropriate content with age-specific filters.  Tap filters on each profile to set PG, 13, 18 or None. It will allow or block certain categories and platforms, but you can customise these to:

  • Allowed to track and manage
  • Not allowed to block
  • Unmanaged to be unaffected by any feature.

Screen time management

The app allows you to set screen time limits and bedtimes on individual profiles. You can choose to limit the time spent on different platforms, categories or just total time online. And set different limits for weekday and weekends.

Please note: Total time will cut off the internet when it’s reached. Even if there is still time remaining on the platform or category limit.

Pause the internet to help children focus on other activities

Whether it’s homework time or family time, sometimes, you can help individuals or the whole family take a break from time online.

  • Schedule an OffTime. Just pick a start and end time, select the days, then give it a name, like Homework Time.
  • Or, just tap Pause on one person or the whole home and they won’t be able to get online

Tip: Create an OffTime in one profile and use it in another.

Features work out of the home through 3G and 4G connections

All the features applied to profiles work outside the home through 3G and 4G connections. You can also track and find the location of managed devices. The device needs to be powered on and have it’s location services turned on ‘Location’ to work.

To ensure you are able to manage these devices on the go you must download the app on as many devices as you need. Visit Sky site to see how.

Monitor how screen time is used

See what your family does online, including the sites they visit with History. Tap on a Platform or Category to see those that have been visited, or blocked using Filtered.

Please note: Some apps and website used resources from sites that weren’t actively used or visited. Speak to your child if you are confused about by their usage.

Using rewards

Washing up done? Bedroom tidied? Use screen time Rewards as your digital carrot and keep everyone happy with more of their favourite apps, games, or sites.

Please note: Time added with Rewards will be added to the Daily Time Limit Total, not the time left. It lets you see how much time has been used all together.

Set up Sky Broadband Buddy

See our step by step how-to guide to get started

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Use Sky Broadband Buddy to kickstart online safety conversations

In addition to making it easy to pause your internet, the app can be a great tool to initiate a conversation about how children are using the internet and guide them on how to protect themselves from potential online issues.

Review their activity on the app together to stay engaged in what they are doing online and spark an ongoing conversation about how they can make the best use of their time online safety.

Online safety age guides

Give your child the best start online with age-specific practical advice that you can use to help them stay safe online as soon as they can pick up a phone or a tablet.

Supporting 0 – 5s

As children take their first digital steps online find out what steps you can take to protect them.

Supporting 6 – 10s

Help children establish positive behaviour online as they gain more independent online.

Supporting 11-13s

Learn how to have positive conversations about their internet use as they get more active online.